AC - Auto-Confirm

After you place an order with the merchant, we contact the merchant to confirm that they are OK with the specific appoinment time and have enough inventory on hand to fill your order. Some merchants are businesses with invariable hours and large amounts of boxes. Since there is a near certainty that they will be available and will have enough inventory they can elect to have orders confirmed automatically. This avoids hassle for the merchant and eliminates the delay for you. If you need your boxes very quickly you may prefer to buy from a merchant with Auto-Confirm turned on. We still notify the merchant of your order the same way, we just don't wait for their confirmation.

Min - Minimum Order

This is the smallest order you can place with this merchant. We require a minimum order of $2 and default to $10. Each merchant can set their own minimum order.

Lead - Order Lead Time

The minimum number of days between order placement and order pickup required for this seller. Most sellers allow appointments without a special delay. Sellers who have Order Lead Time specified need additional advance notice to process orders. For example, if Lead Time is 2 days the earliest allowed appointment time will be 2 days from now.

A+ - Top Rated Seller

This seller has a consistent track record of processing orders with little or no issues. A+ sellers generally confirm appointments quickly, have the specified inventory, and honor their appointments. They've processed a number of transactions through BoxCycle and generally understand the process and what is expected of them. These sellers are your best bet for time-sensitive, low-hassle transactions.

OK - Past Order Completion Rate

Indicates the number of past orders received by this seller as well as the number and percentage of orders completed successfully.

NOTE: Only the percentage is shown for sellers with more than 15 successful transactions.

Res - Average Past Order Response Time

Indicates the average number of hours it took this seller to respond to previous orders. Since response time can vary significantly based on seller hours and when orders are placed this metric shows the following three numbers (in order):

Although average response time can be very useful for determining the likely speed of response, it's important to take into account the number of transactions that form the averages. Time of Last Activity should also be considered, especially when there is a very small number of transactions.

Act - Last Activity

Indicates how long it has been since last activity by this seller.

Long, even multi-year, periods of inactivity do not necessarily mean that the listing should be avoided since many sellers get boxes continuously or store them permanently. However, issues are more likely and buyers should leave themselves more time to make alternate arrangements if necessary.

NOTE: Last Activity is only shown for sellers who do not have sufficient recent order history.

Cash OK - Seller Accepts Cash on Pickup

You can pay this seller in cash on pickup, along with electronic options offered by BoxCycle. Even though you'll pay on pickup, you still need to place your order online.

Stock of ? - Availability By Request Only

The seller does not track availability of this box. They might get inventory sporadicaly and/or might not keep their boxes unless there is a pending request. Use the Request Boxes link to inform the seller of your interest. They will try to make boxes available within your required timeframe. You will then be notified and will have the option to convert your request into an order.

NOTE: This is a beta feature. At this time it will simply help you create an email telling us about your request.