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Reuse is best for Mother Earth. We make it practical, convenient, and profitable for people.

BoxCycle is a marketplace for used cardboard boxes. We make it easier than ever to find and buy used shipping and moving boxes or turn unneeded boxes into green profit.


Every box is energy, labor, materials, and waste it took to manufacture and transport it. Reuse lets you benefit from this investment with little or no additional environmental impact.

You may be tempted to say: "I'll just recycle!"

While recycling cardboard is beneficial, it only reduces the environmental impact by a little bit. Local reuse eliminates environmental impact. You can make a real difference by helping boxes live longer!


Retailers, offices, recyclers, and many other organizations and individuals regularly have unneeded boxes. They are happy to see them reused, but making it happen is more trouble than they want to deal with. We focus on making the process worthwhile by removing inefficiencies and annoyances and turn those locations into used box stores all over the country.

As the number of pickup locations grows, getting boxes becomes evermore convenient for buyers. And we make it simpler than ever to find sellers, schedule appointments, and pick up boxes. Imagine entering your location online, finding a seller a few blocks away, making a purchase, and getting your boxes within a few hours. Our goal is to make buying used more convenient than buying new!


We believe most people want to do the right thing, but to maximize reuse we built BoxCycle to make financial, as well as social and environmental sense.

BoxCycle offers buyers some of the lowest prices while offering sellers a significant ROI, free listing, and payouts much above scrap value.

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