Seller Appointment Agreement

By placing an order you commit to the order and your appointment choices. Once your order is confirmed, you are further obligated to show up on time and complete the appointment. A fee of 5% ($5 minimum) will be charged for:

A fee may apply multiple times per order. For example, if you reschedule a confirmed appointment, then miss it, and then decide to cancel the order 3 separate fees would apply.

All fees are shared with buyers. Please remember that buyers are bound by a similar commitment to accept your boxes and make time in their schedule for your drop-off.


Pickup fees are not refundable.

If you request pickup, but are not there to accept it, the buyer will contact BoxCycle to make sure you are notified by voicemail and/or email. Then they may return without the boxes. Full cost of pickup (without discounts) plus appointment fees detailed above will be charged.

Fee Reduction

BoxCycle, at its sole discretion, may reduce fees based on the amount of inconvenience and extra work actually caused.

Taking action quickly will generally lead to lower fees. For example:

Your commitment to your order is an essential component of our service. Fees are kept small, but are not negotiable.