Preparing to Pickup Used Boxes - Buyer Guide

Once your order is confirmed and you are ready to pickup your boxes take a moment to make sure you bring everything you need to complete the pickup.

Driving Directions

You'll be able to contact the seller for help with directions en route using Anonymous Connect if needed, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make it to your appointment on time. Please make sure that you have valid directions prior to leaving. Directions can be printed through your online order status page or through a mapping service of your choice.

Appropriate Vehicle

Many people significantly underestimate how large folded boxes are until they try to put them in their car. It is important to bring an empty vehicle that is large enough to carry your order or to be prepared for multiple trips. Vans, SUVs, trucks, and station wagons will not only let you load more boxes, but will also make loading and unloading much easier.

It is difficult to give estimates since much depends on the size of your car and the mix of boxes you pickup. A typical car with fold-down seats may be OK for 30-50 mostly Small and Medium boxes, but might not hold even 20 X-Large ones without having to get quite creative. An SUV with fold-flat seats may be fine for 60-90+ boxes even if many are Large and X-Large. The larger the boxes and the smaller the car the more important it is to think ahead.

Folded dimensions of each box can be found on the detailed box screen. You can also calculate them. Folded length is Length + Width + 1". Folded width is Height + Width + 1". The depth is usually between 0.4-1" so a stack of 30 may be over 2 feet tall.

For example, a Medium moving box (18x18x16) would be about 37x35x1 when folded. A folded X-Large moving box (24x24x18) would be about 49x43x1. Even if your car has fold-down seats, the opening in some cars is not wide enough to push X-Large boxes through without bending them which greatly limits how many you can load.

If you are picking up a lot of boxes think ahead about space you'll need in the vehicle. You may find it necessary to prepare for multiple pickups, bring a larger vehicle, or hire someone to do the pickup for you. In any case, thinking ahead will help avoid frustration and disappointment.

Loading Help

Although some sellers may help you load the boxes, they aren't required to do so. It is possible that you'll need to carry boxes up stairs and load them into the car yourself. While carrying boxes isn't terribly difficult, they are bulky and can weigh up to about 2 lbs each. Please take your capabilities into account and bring another person along if think you'll need the help.