Anonymous Connect - Private Contact Between Buyers and Sellers

Anonymous Connect enables direct phone communication between buyers and sellers without revealing their phone numbers.

The main purpose of Anonymous Connect is to communicate about last minute appointment issues that are best handled with direct contact. Some examples are needing directions, being slightly early or late, making contact when the door bell doesn't work, etc. Virtually all other questions should be handled through BoxCycle; sellers are not required to spend time addressing generic inquiries or special requests.

How It Works

Anonymous Connect is only enabled when there is a confirmed appointment between the buyer and the seller. Contact is restricted to between about 30 minutes prior to the appointment and about 1 hour after. This time period extends automatically to always allow communication within 30 minutes of last successful contact.

  1. Call 415-935-3901 or call 888-ME-CYCLE (888-632-9253) and select option 1; call from a phone number associated with your order or account if possible
  2. If asked, follow the prompts to locate your order
  3. BoxCycle will connect you to the other party if Anonymous Connect is enabled; your phone number will not be shared