Marketplace for Used Boxes Launches - BoxCycle Makes Buying and Selling Used Boxes Easy and Profitable

BoxCycle, the environmentally friendly marketplace for used boxes, has launched. Sellers list their boxes in minutes and buyers find inexpensive boxes in their area. BoxCycle handles everything from advertising and communication to appointments and payment collection.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 9, 2008 - BoxCycle officially announces launch of the first full-service marketplace for used boxes. Retailers, recyclers, and individuals can now sell their used boxes with minimal time and effort. Buyers can easily find used boxes in their area and enjoy significant savings and convenient pickup options.


Every day thousands of used boxes are thrown away or recycled, while new boxes are purchased for moving and shipping. This hurts our environment and costs everyone involved time and money. Unfortunately, it is too difficult, time consuming, and frustrating for those with unneeded used boxes to connect with people needing boxes. They recycle instead. BoxCycle offers an efficient system that makes reusing used boxes make financial, as well as environmental and social, sense.

Most sources of used boxes are businesses with limited time and manpower. BoxCycle handles time consuming and frustrating tasks for sellers and offers payment for getting their boxes reused. For example, common issues such as repetitive inquiries from buyers, broken appointments, and payment collection are taken care of by BoxCycle. By reducing effort and increasing profit BoxCycle provides a significant return on investment of seller's time.

At the same time, sellers risk nothing by using the service. There are no upfront fees and BoxCycle does not interfere with seller's current way of recycling used boxes. Listing inventory is quick and does not require sorting boxes.

Buyers benefit as well, and not only through low prices which range from $0.38-$1.25 for moving size boxes. BoxCycle turns time consuming, uncertain, and frustrating search for used boxes into a pleasant online shopping experience. Buyers see a list of sellers in their area along with seller distance, hours, and actual box inventory. They complete the purchase online including setting a pickup appointment which can be as early as same day. BoxCycle reserves boxes for the buyer and assures seller's presence and minimum box quality.

By offering a highly efficient marketplace BoxCycle makes the environmentally superior option of reusing shipping and moving boxes practical, convenient, and worthwhile. Buyers and sellers can list, sell, and buy used boxes online at or by calling 888-ME-CYCLE.

About BoxCycle:

BoxCycle is a startup focused on helping the environment by making it easy and profitable for people to reuse shipping and moving boxes. By growing the network of sellers and improving efficiency BoxCycle seeks to become easier, faster, and cheaper than any other method of getting boxes.


Ilia Gimelfarb